Inspections are Coming…

Per the PFL Petroleum newsletter :

Over a year ago the USDOT released its ruling on freight car retrofit requirements, and repair shops across the country anticipated an overflow of work. Since some of the DOT-111 cars are near the end of their useful life, and retrofit costs in some cases can run roughly half the cost of a new car, demand for retrofitting cars have not really materialized as some shops were hoping. For the moment, PFL expects retrofit maintenance will be left on the backburner until revitalized traffic demand forces more cars out of storage. Car inspections on the other hand will keep repair shops somewhat busy for the time being. Tank cars flew off the lot in 2006 in response to the ethanol boom, so as their 10 year certification comes to an end they will all need to be inspected.

PFL would like to remind you again that storing cars with petroleum residue over the long term will slowly destroy the cars. Hot summer temperatures will increase the risk of corrosion, rust, and cracking. Don’t wait to get your cars cleaned have us come out on your site and clean them before the end of year rush to clean thousands of tank cars.

Keep’em clean Boys